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There are so many questions when it comes to baked goods. No question is too big or too small, so feel free to reach out and ask whatever is on your mind. We’ll help you find the treat that’s right for you!


How do I carry my cake?

Your cake will normally be on a board slightly wider than your cake. This fits a box the same size, to prevent it moving in transit. Always lift and hold the box from the underneath and try not to press in at the sides, to avoid damaging any of the decoration on the side of the cake. Also do not place anything on the top in case you damage any decorative items on the top of the cake.

Ideally, the cake should be transported on a flat surface in the boot or footwell of a car. It is best not to put on a seat or carry on your lap as these surfaces are often slanted and the cake may tip or fall. Please drive carefully and avoid bumps in the road as much as possible, particularly if the cake has models or other decorations that might be affected.

How long will my cake last once cut? How should I store it?

My sponge cakes will generally last for up to a week, but are best eaten within 2-3 days. Once cut, they are best wrapped in clingfilm, then foil and/or put in an airtight container. Cupcakes will last a few days if kept in a semi-airtight container, but may sweat and come away from their cases which will spoil their appearance. Do not store cake in the refrigerator, as this speeds up the aging process of the gluten in the flour and cakes will taste stale sooner than if kept in a cool place. **In prolonged, exceptional heat, cakes may need refrigerating prior to transportation to reduce the risk of damage.

Where should I keep the cake until it is needed?

Do not leave your cake in the car once picked up. It could be too hot which would soften the icing or frosting, or too cold and cause it to condense and make the colours run. A fondant cake should not be stored in the fridge. There is nothing in these cakes that requires chilling and this will also cause condensation and colour running. However, as the name suggests, buttercream icing is made from butter, which will melt if exposed to temperatures too high for any length of time. White chocolate ganache can withstand heat for slightly longer, but will also eventually soften / melt if left exposed to heat for prolonged periods of time. Cakes are best kept at cool/room temperature, in the original box I have supplied it in, away from children, pets and insects and any heat source – i.e radiators, lights etc. If you are placing your cake in the care of restaurant staff, do make sure they are aware of the above.

Do you offer gluten / dairy free options? 

I can bake cakes without gluten and dairy on request.   However, please be aware that that my kitchen is not a certified allergy free workspace and allergens such as gluten, dairy and nuts will be used at other times even if not used in a specific order if requested.

 What is the best way to cut my cake?

If you have ordered a tiered cake, please be aware there will be a cake board between the tiers and wooden or plastic dowelling rods in the bottom tiers for support. Other cake designs may include wooden skewers or cocktail sticks. These should be removed before cutting. 

First remove ribbons, dowels in tiered cakes, and any decorations that you want to keep. For larger square cakes and round cakes you need to cut straight across, not into the centre. This will give you more slices with no crumbling and each slice will be neater and easier to eat. Cut a slice all the way across with a long bladed serrated knife and let it fall down flat, then cut it across at right angles into rectangular slices. Another tip is to use a thin chopping board to support each long slice as you cut and prevent it from breaking as you lower it to horizontal. 

Most guides will demonstrate either 1" x 1" slices (wedding sized portions) or "2 x 1" slices (party sized servings) The number of slices you actually get from your cake will obviously depend on how thick the slices are. Taller (over 6-7 inch) cakes will yield more cake, as each rectangle slice can be further cut in half)

Round 2" x 2" Party Sized Portions
Round 1" x2" Wedding Sized Portions
Sheet Cakes
How is it best to transport my cake to its destination?
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